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Quantative Easing as applied to iPad2?


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Mar 20, 2011
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Southern California
US online order backlog has rolled-back to "Ships: 3-4 weeks" from 4-5 weeks for new orders being placed today. How wonderful!

What are the implications if you're in that 4-5 week camp (i.e. placed your online order between 15-Mar and 23-Mar...are we still on the 4-5 week schedule (first in, first out) or do we put in another order receiving an earlier ship date and cancel the original?

I'd like to think that it is first in, first out. My fear, of course, is that despite having waited a week already, someone can order today and jump the virtual online queue, order the identical product after me, yet have a ship date that is earlier than mine.

Thus...damned if I can't stand in line for one (because I have to work for my money and can't spend my mornings in line in the hopes that St Nick's elves delivered a batch overnight)...and damned if I order online, too. I hate shelling out my own cash to just reemphasize the lesson that life isn't always fair.

My online order status still just says "Not shipped yet" with the same ship date as when ordered. I guess that is static and won't update. Should I anticipate an earlier delivery?


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May 1, 2010
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Yes. Anticipate an early ship date Apple won't allow anyone to jump the line!

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