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Prop It Up - mini review


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Apr 9, 2010
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Portland, OR
Hey everybody,

This is my first review! I just got the Prop It Up in the mail earlier this week and wanted to share my experience so far. In short, I'm loving it.

What I first thought was just another lap desk, turned out to be the perfect solution for my iPad (64gb wifi). It has this unique angle adjuster that puts the iPad at tons of different angles (the company claims it adjusts between 10 and 80 degrees, I haven't verified but it seems accurate).

I have been searching for something like this since I got my iPad, but I could only find desk stands or flat lap desks. This seems to be the best of both. It works best on my lap, but also on my stomach and desk. I can see it being working in the car or bus too...

Mine also has a built-in storage pocket which is ideal for traveling around and keeping my iPad protected. I think they sell a cheaper one without storage.

I got it from the companies website, PaddedSpaces.com

Looks like they sell on Amazon.com too.

Has anyone else tried it?


Here is a picture I took (albeit crappily)
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I adore mine. I found it on Amazon when I knew nothing of the company. Now I follow them on Twitter. They're great and are working on a new version that doubles as a sling backpack (or something). They're great to talk to and I wish them well. I can say honestly that I love the thing and wouldn't be caught in bed without it!
Wow, looks like exactly what I have been looking for! I now just have a couch pillow I use in my lap to put the iPad on, but have been shopping for a better solution.... gonna go to Amazon to check this out!!!!

Cheaper at the Padded Spaces site.... so I just ordered the non-storage one. I would never actually use the storage compartment, so I saved $10..... Thrilled they took PayPal as I had some left over money in there...... cool

Throw pillows work, but ours rock around on your lap and can add even more challenges to typing on the iPad......
Question for users

How padded is this thing on the bottom? Is it like a pillow?

Seems like a nice solution for a reasonable price.....
Got mine today :D ....... Just what I needed, now I am set!

Sosha, it is foam with vinyl covering so yes it is padded. The top is hard plastic. It is a lot sturdier than a throw pillow, much easier to type on.....

I like the fact it is very stable on the lap. Very happy with it so far..... But I can see how the vinyl could get warm on your legs after a while.... Sorta like vinyl seat covers in a car.
Thanks for the feedback!

I think I'm gonna wait for whatever it is they're cooking up for the ipad....

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