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Progress Report by Fair Labor Association at Apple supplier Foxconn


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May 12, 2011
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Selangor, Malaysia
Lately (21st Aug, 2012) The Fair Labor Association has published a status report verifying implementation of action items after assessments conducted by the FLA at three facilities of Apple's largest supplier, Foxconn in China, the mainland. The report shown Foxconn Foxconn has completed all of the 195 actions that were due. In addition, 89 action items were completed ahead of their deadlines. The remaining 76 items are due over the course of the next year (2013).


In February and March 2012, FLA conducted a full body scan to establish a baseline of working conditions and compliance with labor laws at three Foxconn facilities. And this was claimed by FLA that "This is one of the most comprehensive and detailed assessments in the history of manufacturing".

On top of it, Apple also highly appraised as "The first electronics company to join the FLA, a coalition of universities, non-governmental organizations and businesses committed to improving the well-being, safety, fair treatment, and respect of workers, in January of 2012".

Apple and Foxconn accepted the FLA's findings and recommendations and created a robust 15-month action plan with defined target dates of completion. Independent investigators engaged by FLA returned to each of the facilities from June 25 to July 6, 2012, to verify completion of the action items due.

The verification shows that the a few necessary changes have been made:
1) Immediate health and safety measures - I.e., enforcement of ergonomic breaks, changing the design of workers' equipment to guard against repetitive stress injuries, updating of maintenance policies to ensure equipment is working properly, testing of emergency protective equipment like eyewashes and sprinklers and engaging consultants to provide health and safety training for all employees,

2) Reform its internship program - i.e., student interns do not work overtime, their work has a more direct connection to their field of study, and they understand that they are free to terminate the internship if and when they wish,

3) Took steps to bring its factories into full compliance with Chinese legal limits on working hours by July 2013 - i.e., reduced hours to under 60 per week (including overtime) with the goal of reaching full compliance with the Chinese legal limit of 40 hours per week plus an average of 9 hours of overtime per week while protecting worker compensation,

Further, FLA also disclosed that Foxconn is helping to extend unemployment insurance coverage for migrant workers working in Shenzhen by advocating for legislation that will allow them to access the unemployment insurance scheme, effective January 1, 2013 where this not only implicated for those employed at Foxconn, but for all other migrant workers in Shenzhen as well.

In the conclusion, FLA stated that with the Apple and Foxconn's progress since the March assessment, combined with the additional actions planned through July 2013, they would create the roadmap for all Chinese suppliers in the tech industry.

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