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Problem with restoring


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Nov 4, 2012
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Hey, I've a problem with restoring my iPad. Essentially, I'm running firmware 3.2.2 which I jailbroke with blackra1n quite some time ago. Anyway, I wished to restore my iPad back to 3.2.2 and basically get rid of the jailbrake.. with the intentions of then upgrading to the latest firmware. I had previously done this with an older ipod touch and thought the process would be quite similiar. Therefore, I downloaded the firmware 3.2.2 online and then tried to put my device into DFU mode in order to restore it. This is where I have the problem: it won't go into DFU mode and i keep getting the connect to itunes logo( i have tried numerous times to put it into DFU mode and it simply isnt working). Then when I try to restore the get the 3194 error that the device can't be restored. I'm on itunes 10.7 and am wondering what I'm doing wrong. Even when I disconnect the ipad from the computer i can't force restart it by holding down the home and power button and hoping to just turn it back on- it keeps bringing me back to the connect to itunes logo,i.e it's in recovery mode. I'm just wondering what can I do to fix this because at the moment the ipad is essentially "bricked" so to say. I'd really appreciate a helping hand, thanks!

edit: I've actually managed to get it into DFU mode I think, however, I still get the 3194 error when I try to restore. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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