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Problem with Icloud on my PC


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Mar 12, 2012
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United States
Thank you for reading my post guys,

I have a Windows Vista PC, with Icloud configured so to automatically copy photos, documents, contacts and calendars from my Ipad 2 to my PC and the other way around as well. It worked well until 2 weeks ago stopped and I could not figured out why my stuff was not in Sync, until yesterday I noticed outlook says on the top: Icloud wrong password. I open the icloud program that is installed on the PC and was not able to login, I requested to change my password, now the Icloud program says I cannot login because of a server error. I can login on the web browser icloud page and all the information is current between the web icloud and my Ipad.... All Apple /icloud exe are up on running normally, weird problem i am having! Any suggestions?

Many thanks,


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