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Problem playing slow netcasts on an iPad 2


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Jul 28, 2011
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Hi everyone:

I like to watch video netcasts on my iPad 2. I normally navigate to a site in Safari and start playing in full screen. Most times this works great except when the netcast feed is slow (like it always happens with this popular one on Sundays.) In that case the video feed gets jaggy and often stops, but what is quite annoying is that unlike a desktop computer where I can pause the player and let it load up enough video so that I can watch uninterrupted, the iPad goes to sleep in about 30 seconds after the netcast pauses playing. One would imagine that it will continue loading the netcast but it doesn't! So when I un-pause, it starts hicking up again almost immediately.

So I was wondering is there any way to do on an iPad what any on-line video player can do on a PC -- load up a netcast feed in the background while device is paused? (Also note that I don't want to specifically download it, i.e. keep it, but just to cache it so that it can play uninterrupted.)

PS. The netcast I'm trying to watch is "This week in tech" by Twit, if that makes any difference.

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