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Problem playing iPod music


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May 21, 2011
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Hi -

When I try to play my iPod music on my iPad2, the same song plays repeats continuously even though I've chosen Shuffle. I've attempted to find a setting to change but I've had no luck whatsoever. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions to this frustrating problem?
Look for the replay icon. It looks like two arrows on an oval track. If it is gray, eveything in the album/playlist plays once. If it is blue it will replay the entire album/playlist. If it is blue with a small 1 badge, it will repeat the current song, forever.

You can usually see the replay icon when you are in the song view. Tap the album cover to get into cover view (cover takes up most of the screen), then tap once in the center of the screen to see the controls. You'll see the icon at the left of the progress bar.
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Did you check the replay icon? If it shows as bellow, then the same song will replay forever, whether you've got shuffle turned on or not.


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