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Mar 22, 2010
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Has anyone found a good EASY to use application that will enable the iPad to print to a home printer?
The reported best, and what I am going with is Fax, Print, and Share for iPad. Its $5.99.
The reported best, and what I am going with is Fax, Print, and Share for iPad. Its $5.99.
Can you access the printer directly or via your host computer?

Yes - somehow.

It supports wireless/network printers.

But it is an awkward process.

First you pick the file you want to print, send it by email to your email account.

Then you tell Fax, Print and Share to fetch that email and download the attached document/file into the app. Once you have the document (pdf, numbers, pages, etc.) in the app, you can print it without a host computer.

This is how the developer surrounds the lack of printing integration by Apple.
"The reported best"? With 41 ratings with an average of 1 star? Really?
Eurosmartz WePrint server using Print Central.

Believe me, until direct printing is supported, which is unlikely with the large driver files needed to interface with most printers.

The plain and simple of it is that most printers could use what is called a generic Post Script driver. However, every one and their uncle will complain because basic printing won't be enough for them.

"Why won't it scan from my document feeder, I printed from e-mail within the printer and my iPad won't recognize it's file format, my printer is saying incorrect paper size, I'm getting a 50.4 error saying uncompleted data, blah blah blah"

That's all you would hear from many users if generic post script was the only option. To this day, many people install a full DVD suite of software to control one printer. When all that is really needed is a simple generic driver. For most that are tech savvy this would be ok, but you have many more that would assume all those other features should be supported.

HP has an app that prints photos or images directly to HP networked printers, but that leaves out the other 80% of apps or documents that also need support.

Your better off for now sticking with one of the print suite apps like Print Central, that support many doc types, not the other way around, an OS that hardly supports one printer.

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