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PortaBrace iPad Case


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Jun 1, 2010
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Long Beach, MS
For video professionals that would like to use their iPad at work in the field, here's a case made by PortaBrace.

I've always used PortaBrace cases for my video equipment at work. They're well-built and protect the equipment very well. No reason why their iPad case shouldn't be the same.


"The new iPad case enables you to use your iPad hands free at waist level. Review your story boards, video feed, script and emails all from one location while still being able to be mobile during production. The iPad locks into the case and comes with a suede strap that you can wear around your neck for mobile use. A small slip pocket is located on the exterior of the pocket for small items. There are also belt loop attachments on the case that can also double as an attachment point for mounting your iPad to other various surfaces with Velcro. You can also fold the front of the case around to the backside of the iPad case and connect the four "O" rings together to mount the iPad to a c-stand or any other type of stationary mount. The iPad case zips up quick and easy to protect your screen during transport ."

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