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POP3 email: d/l just some text + header?


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Jun 20, 2010
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Upstate NY
is there a way to have the email app download the headers of each mail and only some of the email, like WM Pocket Outlook does, using POP3?

In WM you can tell Outlook to grab only 5kb of the email, so when you have 20mb emails with attachments it doesn't try to grab the whole thing, but you do want to grab enough of each email on a single update so you don't keep hitting the net for each email you want to read (inefficient and you may not have a constant connection).
It doese this by default.

You will get a button at the bottom of larg emails to download the rest of the email and each attachmant will have a button to download the actual attachment.
ok... I'll check again. Do you know just how much it grabs initially? Because with every email I tried, it apparently has d/l ALL of it including attachments -- at least I think so because when I tap on an attachment, like a PDF, it brings it up instantly without further d/l.

are you sure that the behavior you describe is true for the POP3 protocol?

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