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POP email multiple accounts


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Oct 4, 2011
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I've got two email accounts with the same ISP (Tiscali/Talk Talk) and was successfully using the iPad for both accounts. I occasionally got a message saying the user name and password for pop.tiscali.co.uk is incorrect but nevertheless the mail downloaded. About two months ago one mail account stopped working and I checked with the ISP as I'd recently changed the ISP login password. Initially all the passwords were the same but the ISP insisted that they should be different for the broadband login and email account login. they can find no reason at their end for the issue and maintain that it must be at the device that the problem is occurring.

I've seen a post that suggested using the full login name for the smtp set up but that then creates a different but negative response.

I've got

Joe.blogs-smith@Etc as user names, different passwords, same pop.Tiscali.co.uk and same smtp.Tiscali.co.uk

The first account works, the second doesn't. I've even tried Switching off the working account to see if there is a multiple pop accounts issue but the second account still won't work. Webmail login is fine for both.

Grateful for any suggestions

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