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Poor audio using guitar amp apps


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Mar 18, 2012
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Just upgraded to the new pad from the 1st Gen iPad. I used the 1st Gen iPad primarily for the guitar amp simulators and never had a problem.
With the new iPad the sound output is really poor compared to iPad 1. All factors between the 2 iPads are equal eg: same app (Amplitube), same amp model from Amplitube, same volume, same settings etc. I have tested with multiple apps and amp models with same poor quality sound.

I use an iRig with the iPad and iRig connected to an external amplifier.

Anyone having the same problem? And any suggestions?

As previously stated my main use is for guitar amps, so at the moment I am "stuck" using the older iPad. And my new iPad is a waste of money. I was planning to give the old ipad to my niece as a gift but now I can't,, and I can't give away a new iPad.

Really disappointed and upset with what looks like a useless upgrade for my needs.
Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated

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