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Podcasts on ipad still missing get more episodes on 5.1


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Dec 28, 2010
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When the get more episodes facility for podcasts disappeared from iPad with iOs 5.0, a significant drop in user experience occurred. Yet on iPhone, the get more episodes facility remained. Out comes 5.1 and who'd have thunk it? Yes, there are new podcast features on iPad but the return of get more episodes is not one of them. Whoever it is at Cupertino who reads this forum needs to ask themselves this question. If someone downloads podcasts, which feature is likely to be more important for a user: providing a means of rewinding 30 seconds, changing playback speed or being able to get another episode without the hassle of navigating to the itunes store to then search for the podcast and find another episode to download? Why is it that one can use a get more episodes facility on iphone but not on ipad?

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