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Pocket God Episode 43: Killing Time Arrives in the App Store


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Here it is Pocket God fans, the latest installment in your favourite dark comedy iOS game series. Yes, it’s time for Pocket God Episode 43 to hit the App Store. Entitled Killing Time, this latest episode is the first of multiple apocalypse-themed updates that Bolt Creative will be releasing this year (the year of the apocalypse, lest we forget!), culminating in one being released right before the impending apocalypse. A new island is also featured in this latest episode, named Apocalypse Island, surprise, surprise, on which stands a giant Aztec calendar busy counting down to 11:11 am PST on December 21. The new island also features a new temple with multiple rooms, each of which contain a special apocalyptic god power. With every update, a new room will be unlocked, and in update 43, it’s the Time Chamber that’s unlocked, containing the power to control time. Using this power, deities can pluck Pygmies from alternate timelines to meet certain death in the present time! Not fun for them! Four different timelines of Pygmies will be available: A whinging and moaning old Pygmy from the future, a baby Pygmy from the past, a supercharged Pygmy from an alternate universe, and a red-headed Pygmy from another alternate timeline where the developers almost changed the look of the Pygmies because of complaints. [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]An as if that wasn’t more than enough Pocket God goodness to be getting on with, Bolt Creative has also created a Super Bowl skin pack in honour of this weekend’s proceedings, which can be downloaded as an in-app purchase for $0.99.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Click here to download Pocket God for $0.99: App Store - Pocket God[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Source: Bolt Creative[/FONT]

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