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Play with Kids' IQ

Dec 1, 2011
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Images of lovely animals are always favorable in Kids’ world. These funny toys are also their parents’ priority whenever they choose presents for their children. Our application for kids must be a wise choice when you are looking for toys which are not only entertaining but also useful for their study: Kids’ IQ
The images in this application are well chosen and vividly designed with funny shapes, bringing them a colorful world. Moreover, the outstanding feature of this application is to help them learn more vocabulary about animals and enhance their thinking ability.
These applications include four levels: easy, normal, hard, and very hard. Each level has three-part design: opening the same images, images and text that have already been opened, images and texts that need opening. The purpose of this arrangement is to let the children be familiar with images and sounds at first, and then coming texts. With the same sources of images and good design, the children will in turn learn new images with their names and use them skillfully to finish the application.
This characteristic helps the children remember the names of the pets more easily when they see the pets, listen to the sounds and see the images at the same times. The number of images increases in accordance with the levels, and the children must be absorbed in a world of lovely pets.
It is sure that the game will enrich the children’s vocabulary and their images of animals.
Let’s bring our kids the best. The application can be downloaded at:

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