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Pinterest is the Next Big Thing in Social Media


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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A very interesting recent report on CNNMoney examines the growing popularity of new social media “sensationâ€, Pinterest, and wonders if it will be the next Facebook. Certainly, from reading the piece, it seems that it is already well on the way to that exalted status! Several public figures and celebrities have been talking up Pinterest, including crafts-lover Reese Witherspoon, who told Conan O’Brien that Pinterest is “a collection of the most amazing, wonderful craftiness on the earth!†CNNMoney explains Pinterest as “a deceptively simple-sounding, insanely addictive social media site that lets users collect and share images on digital pinboards.†A simple, yet clearly ingenious idea that has seized the imagination of early adopters.

In a separate article, VentureBeat writes that Pinterest has seen “astronomical†growth in the past six months, and is now considered to be one of the top 10 social networks. A comScore survey ound that Pinterest users spend on average 89 minutes per month on the site, which is more than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ users, according to VentureBeat, with only Facebook users spending more time on the site (405 minutes per month) than Pinterest users.

As far as Pinterest and iOS is concerned, an official Pinterest iPhone app is already available, and VentureBeat says that an official Pinterest iPad app is also on the way very soon (there are several iPad apps already available based around Pinterest, but no official one as yet).

Click here to download the free app: App Store - Pinterest

Source: Is Pinterest the next Facebook? - Fortune Tech
Pinterest iPad app and new profile pages in the works | VentureBeat

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