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Dec 10, 2010
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hi, I'm a new forum member. I just bought an IPad for my wife. She is a PC user, I'm a Mac user. I want to get her large volume of photos from her PC to the IPad. I know that ITunes sync is the way to move them, but I'm wondering how they will be organized once they are get there. They are currently organized by folders on the PC.


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Oct 26, 2010
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Virginia, usa
If you have them organized by folders on the PC, they will be in folders on the iPad. The way I do it is to make a folder called "iPad Pictures", under the "My Pictures" folder, and then create and/or move the folders you want, into the "iPad Pictures" folder. Then open iTunes and open the iPad device and go to the "Photos" tab, check "Sync Photos from My Pictures", then select "Selected Folders", then under "Folders" check "iPad Pictures". Uncheck anything you don't want transferred. Click Sync in lower right hand corner.

If you already have the pictures organized into folders under "My Pictures", then after you check "Selected Folders" just go to "Folders" and check the folders you want transferred to iPad. Click "Sync"

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