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Photo's not visible in iPhoto


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Feb 15, 2012
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Somewhere in the Netherlands

When I open my photo's app on my iPad(2) it shows about 450 photo's. When I connect it to my mac iPhoto only sees 66 of them. When go to the 'Albums' tab it shows two albums: one called Camera Roll which has the 66 photo's in it and a second album called iPad containing the rest.
How can I transfer photo's from this album to my computer? They are not imported pictures, they were taken with the iPad camera.

Never mind, turns out these photo's were already imported in iPhoto and then synced back to the iPad. So even though they were taken on the iPad they are now considered copied to the iPad. Confusing, but at least I know I have a backup somewhere...
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Hi ArjenA-

Glad to see that you found your photos! Welcome to the forum!

There are many members that can help you find the right app for your Word and Spreadsheets. I am not sure if there are any free apps that do a satisfactory job, however, there are several including: pages, numbers and Goodreader (to read PDF, and other .extension files). See this link from a forum search I did:
Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

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