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Photo Sync :(


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Jul 5, 2010
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Hi guys, I've got this problem and its really annoying me :S

When i connect my ipad to itunes and import a new file of photos and start syncing it, a message pops up saying that it can only sync it if deletes all 42 apps on my ipad -.-

so how can i import pics now?
We need more info

Have you sycned with this computer before?
are you using windows or MAC?
have you removed those apps from itunes but still have them on your iPad?
Yes I've synced in this computer b4 and its the same computer everytime, I'm using windows, I've removed the apps from itunes, and yes I'm logged in the same account :)

any idea wat i should do? :S
if you removed the apps from itunes than that is the reason.

when you sync with itunes it makes your ipad reflect what is in iTunes. if your remove apps in itunes it will remove them from the iPad. You can right click the ipad and select transfer purchases to load the apps back into itunes if it doesn't do this automatically for you.

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