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Photo Mailer - multiple picture sharing made easy


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Oct 2, 2012
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In an era of applications, Finding out the best app on net is a headache but if you are looking for best apps you should look for Power App GmbH's Application. Application "Photo Mailer" is one of the best apps online on appstore. The app is comprised with high quality graphics and best user interface.

With Photo Mailer you can pick multiple pictures directly from your camera roll and attach them all to a single e-mail. Pick the recipients from your adress book, add them manually or choose from recently used recipients, or - do it all together!

With Photo Mailer you have instant connection to instagram and to your dropbox to upload multiple pictures at once.
The size and quality of the pictures can independently adjusted to fit personal needs, this allows to speed up delivery or to dave data volume.

* Save in Dropbox
* Attach multiple photos to one email.
* Add a personal touch with included filters
* Pick photos directly from your device's Photo Library.
* Import recipients from the Address Book, add them manually or choose from recently used recipients.
* Enter an optional subject and body.
* Adjust quality and size of the pictures to fit your needs (speed up delivery, save data volume)

To support my statements i will write that, you will be happy with what we made and i can surely say that you will rate is as best one.


Power App GmbH

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