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Photo help for a rookie


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Mar 10, 2010
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OK, new to this IPAD, new to Apple with the exception of my Iphone. My IPAD sync's and I have all my photos. Well there are some photos I don't wish to have on my IPAD that I like on the my cell phone ( . ) ( . ) (Wink - Wink)

How does one DELETE a photo on the IPAD? I can not find a DELETE function anywhere.

I don't even really know WHERE on my WIN 7 desktop the files are stored for photos so I can delete some photos there. I am sure if I do that, the next IPHONE sync will kill the photos from the IPHONE or replace the deleted one back to the desktop.

I tunes makes it easy for the music files to be deleted, but not photos? Also I would like to add some "non-itunes' audio I have, but I don't know how to do that either with the exception of the new feature that will rip your CDs for you.

Any help for the rookie would be appreciated
Deleting Photos is Easy but what about Music?

To delete a photo simply open it up and put your finger on it. This usually displays a menu where you can delete it. This seems to work for everything EXCEPT MUSIC - so if anyone can help with this one I would be grateful. Deselecting it from iTunes does not remove it from my iPad when I sync.


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