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PC user becomes Apple-ized ... sort of

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May 17, 2011
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Hi all, Hubby just treated himself to a brand new IPad 2 so I am now the proud (but befuddled) owner of his IPAd 1. I have 30 years of PC experience but have never used Apple products before, so there is a learning curve for me. But it keeps the little gray cells working.

The first thing I have been trying to do is load up pix from my laptop PC. I was easily able to load several directories which resulted in a couple of albums on the IPad. However, when I loaded a couple more, the first albums were gone. What did I do wrong?

Also, is it possible to move pix from one album to another and to rename albums?

Finally, what I find frustrating is that I can't use something like "Windows Explorer" to poke around in my IPad and see what and where stuff is. Is this possible?

To be honest, I find the ITunes software rather confusing, and the term "sync" is not something us PC users generally use. Took me awhile to figure out just what this means ... basically get the 2 devices communicating so you can copy stuff. Maybe it's me.

Anyway, thanks ahead of time for any assistance.
Good to hear from you. You’ll find a whole bunch of iPad enthusiasts in this Forum who are only too willing to help other iPad owners and to hear of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to post any questions you may have or use the ‘Search’ button near the top of the Forum web page. I usually find I discover one new interesting and useful piece of information about my iPad every day - and often not even what I was looking for!!

Hope to hear from you soon with your thoughts about the iPad.

Have fun and enjoy your iPad

You can't create albums or folders for photos on your iPad - you have to do this on your PC and then sync. You can't delete photos that have been sync'd to your PC on the iPad either, they need to be deleted on the PC and then re-synched. But photos that you've not sync'd - perhaps received via email - you can delete.

The iPad doesn't have a 'central filing system' like Windows - so there's no way of 'poking around' with a program like Windows Explorer. Each app keeps its own isolated files - and for a very good reason.....

Apple took the decision to 'sandbox' the programs (apps) in the iPad. This means that apps have only a very limited ability to interact - and this interaction is *absolutely* controlled by the operating system (iOS). So if you tried to write a 'virus' program for the iPad it would have no effect, because it couldn't interact with any other program or the operating system.

That, inevitably, has other consequences and places restrictions on what programs can do. In Windows, for example, applications (programs) can interact and this can be very useful. So some (clever) programmers found a way to 'jail break' the iPad and remove this restriction (effectively 'jailbreaking' means your iPad can 'run' non-Apple approved apps from the Cydia website, where they make such non-approved apps available). They can now run 'unauthorised' apps on the iPad that 'take advantage' of the removal of this restriction. The downside - technically a 'jail broken' iPad could be vunerable to viruses.

But don't worry - a 'regular' (non jail broken) iPad is not vunerable to any 'viruses' that a deviant programmer might write to 'infect' a jail broken iPad. So your IT manager need have no worries - if your iPads are not 'jailbroken' they are absolutely safe from viruses.

Basically, if you accept the restrictions that Apple place on your iPad and don't jail break, you're completely safe - a virus cannot 'infect' you.

Additionally, any 'app' that a normal (non-jail broken) iPad can download will have been thoroughly checked and approved by Apple, so could not contain any malevolent code...

OK - I'll get 'hacked' by the iPad 'jail breakers' - sorry for the 'pun' but, basically, you're safe.

Apple have a number of 'white papers' and other documents on their web site that address this issue if you'd like the links...

If you don’t already have it you can download a copy of the iPad manual for free.

Apple - Support - Manuals

Please read the rules too!!



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