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Pandora for iOS Gets a Brand New Design, Introduces Mini-player and Notifications


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Jun 22, 2012
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pandora iphone redesign.png

Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service which has more than 250 million users in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, many of them are mobile users who own an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The official Pandora app for iOS users has been revamped with a fresh look and new features. Let's have a look at the official changelog:

  • With the new Personalization Icon, the Thumb History for your favorite stations is at your fingertips
  • Accidentally thumbed a song up or down – now you can un-thumb simply by re-tapping the Thumb Icon
  • We’ve included a new Mini-Player so you can control your music while you browse your track history
  • Stay in the loop when new music is added to your favorite stations and much more with our redesigned Notification & Activity Feed.
The newest version of Pandora Radio features a cleaned-up appearance with fancy new transitions and animations. It also comes with enhanced station personalization capabilities, improved artist discovery, greater use of thumbing and much more.

Users can now seamlessly transition from the Station List to the Now Playing screen and if you want to see what’s played on the station, just swipe left. And in order to get more information about the song you’re listening to, you just need to tap the song or artist name or swipe up to reveal song details. Go ahead and follow the link from below to download it.

Source: iTunes

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