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Original Tapatalk for iOS is now.... FREE!


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Feb 22, 2012
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New York
As part of their 4th anniversary, the original Tapatalk Forum App is now free on all platforms. Tapatalk 2 remains a paid app, but the original Tapatalk is now free of charge (originally $0.99). A great app that users can use to view this very forum, as well as a huge selection of other forums, all in one convenient app for the iOS. This offer is most likely permanent as part of their 4th anniversary according to admins, but get it while it's hot in case it's only for a limited time!!

Version 1.6 now includes Kunena 3, Vanilla 2.1 and vBulletin 5 support for site admins so that there is a larger variety of support, making it that much easier to have your site on Tapatalk.

However, note that this only affects the "generic" iOS Tapatalk (usable on all iOS form factors). Tapatalk HD does still have a charge of $1.99.


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