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Optimum App No Longer Runs On Jailbroken iPads - Help!


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Sep 21, 2011
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Hey guys,

Did a search and only found people complaining about the Optimum app. Ha!

I have an iPad 2 4.3.3. jailbroken, running Cydia. I downloaded the Optimum App (2.0) to watch cable on my iPad when I'm not in front of my TV at home. I recently downloaded the latest update for the app (2.0.1) and have now discovered it will not run on Jailbroken iPads. I get this message:
"It appears that this device is running an unauthorized version of Apple Operating System. Please install the latest Apple Operating System software update to use this application." :mad:

I've been searching for a 2.0 version of the app to install, but haven't had any luck.

I don't want to restore the device, install the app and then jailbreak it since there isn't a guarantee that the app will still work once I jailbreak it.

Here is the link to the app in the iTunes Store.
Optimum App

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Did you sync your iPad with your computer when you had the 2.0 version of the app? If yes, did you also sync when you got the 2.0.1 version? If no, then delete the app off your iPad and then sync your ipad with your computer. It should put the 2.0 version back on as long as you sync'd your iPad with the computer when you had the 2.0 version on your iPad.
Hey Wookie.

Yeah, unfortunately I had already sync. The update is a couple of weeks old, but this error message just happened. So in my iTunes, I have the 2.0.1 version.

I keep my iTunes library on an external so I don't have a Time Machine backup to pull from. I have a clone of that, but it mirrors my current iTunes library. So I'm out of luck on that front.
I'm new and this happened to me also. I've found that even though you replace the current app with the 2.0 version, it will not work. It'll just ask you to update your app first.
This is so stupid cause jailbreaking is legal!
I wonder if the app can be modified so I don't have to lose my jailbreak.
Though jail breaking is legal, syndicated content may not be made available outside of the controlling application - so they cannot allow this content to be displayed on a jail broken device since you can "hijack" the content on a jail broken device.

It's a condition of their license agreement with their content providers, and blocking their app from running on a jail broken device is one of the methods they have to use to keep their content providers happy.

Though someone may figure out how to hack the app and go around this, you can bet that they will continue to update the app and refuse to run without the latest version installed. With delta updates available in iOS 5, you may be seeing these updates quite regularly, and the cat and mouse game will never end.

Same problem here....and although I understand thewitt's point I am very disappointed right now I cannot use the optimum app....

Is there a way to "mask" the jailbreak?
Same problem here....and although I understand thewitt's point I am very disappointed right now I cannot use the optimum app....

Is there a way to "mask" the jailbreak?

It tends to need a fix on an app by app basis. Unless you know exactly how the developer is testing for a jailbroken state, you can't really mask it reliably. You'll just have to hope that a JB developer who is suitably annoyed by the restriction will code something to bypass it. Sorry.
Here are several workarounds the Optimum lock....
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jr dude
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I just found a workaround on this and it involves installing a deb file. do a google search and you will find it also. Optimum app working fine without losing my jailbreak. thank goodness, i was about to unjailbreak my ipad.
there are other ways to downgrade your app version but can't talk about those on the forum. it ain't illegal if you own the app. sometimes updates are bad for functionality, like the facebook one.
I googled this same problem and was linked to this site, so here I am new register!

I'm receiving the same indication as others EXCEPT.. My iPad is not jail broken, only my iPhone is. I started getting this indication on my iPad just recently and I haven't sync any of my iOS devices in about two months. I'm wondering if the app picked up my jail broken device on my iPhone and is now not letting me on through my non jail broken iPad as well :(

My gf signs on under my user name on her own non jb iPad and she gets on fine. She has not upgraded to the latest optimum version.

I don't understand why I'm getting this "unauthorized" indication if my iPad is not jail broken. I'm currently running 4.3.3. I should note that my iPad was once jail broken on versions 4.0-4.1 but that was ages ago.

i made an instructional youtube video applying the fix go to youtube and type in Optimum app fix
i made an instructional youtube video applying the fix go to youtube and type in Optimum app fix

I just updated to 4.3.5 and the optimum online app is still giving me this false ridiculous statement that I'm running an unauthorized version of iOS on this device. This new 2.0.1 optimum update has been the worst ever.. So the first thing I did in retaliation was go to the app store and rate them one star :)

I will now try your YouTube instructional vid, thanks!

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