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Ok I downloaded Spirit


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May 1, 2010
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Is that all I have to do to use my Iphone 3gs to tether my Mac and ipad to 3g?
What other steps do I need to do? I read something about changing ssh and something else, I have no idea what that means.
Please post a step by step all the way to the last step of what needs to be done. I know those of us who don't know anything about this kind of stuff drive you guys crazy, but I for one want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!! Any further info will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again
If you want to tether your iPad and Mac to your iPhone 3G, you will need to run Spirit on your iPhone 3G only... see the sticky post in this forum for more information on how to run Spirit.

Using Cydia on your iPhone 3G, download and install MyWi and that should do it.

I don't use this app so I can't speak to caveats of it's use, but if you search these forums for "MyWi" and look in the tethering thread in this forum you'll get a fair amount of information.
This might sound harsh, but I don't know anything about this kind of stuff either, so I avoid it. My take is that all the jailbreak stuff is for users who know what they're doing.
Not harsh and I understand your point, but I want to learn something about it. That is what forums are for, and who better to help than the guys on this site. Why are reading the hacking section if your not interest?
I read because I'm curious. That's why I'd wonder why a user user would install such a program first and ask about it later.
I have read everything I found about turning my phone into a hotspot. I am asking questions to make sure there isn't anything else I need to do to keep my info safe. I would rather ask than just assume that I had done all the steps required to insure safety. Any suggestions that I can get are very appreciated.
How to Secure your iPhone
Although many jailbreakers are tech-savvy enough to know how to lock down their devices to protect themselves from attack, there are quite a few who have simply followed online instructions such as these to perform the jailbreak. This group, while arguably somewhat tech-savvy, doesn't necessarily know all the nitty-gritty details about the iPhone filesystem or its security mechanisms.

To make it easy on these users, we've provided steps on how to change your iPhone's root password - the common denominator required in order for the malware to gain access to your device.

While some may argue there's no need to change your root password if you haven't also installed the SSH program, another necessary element for these attacks to work, we think that's a little short-sighted. It would be easy enough for a malicious hacker to trick jailbreakers into installing SSH by bundling it with some other third-party application offered through underground App Stores like Cydida or Icy. By masquerading as something innocent like a wallpaper-changer or ringtone bundle, a hacker could easily set up a number of jailbreakers with SSH without the victims even being aware that it has been installed. Although we haven't heard of anything like this happening yet, if we thought of it then you can bet that the hackers out there have thought of it too.

Changing the Root Password

The best protection is to simply change your iPhone root password. That will keep you safe from the current iPhone malware...as least for now. Here's how:

Install the MobileTerminal application from Cydia.
Reboot your iPhone.
Launch MobileTerminal and type in the command: passwd
At the prompt which asks for the "Old Password," type in: alpine
At the new password prompt, type in a new password of your choosing, making sure to pick something strong.
Re-enter the password to confirm.
You'll then be returned to the Mobile$ prompt which means the change was successful.
Now you'll need to change the password for the secondary admin. Type in the command login root.
Again, you're prompted for the old password. Type in alpine.
Now type in the command passwd
You'll then go through the change password routine a second time, entering in alpine as the old password, creating a new password and then re-entering it to confirm.
When you are finished, close the application.
Note: these instructions assume you are running iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.
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THANKS for all the help!!! I have downloaded the jailbreak and changed the passwords, you guys are wonderful!!!
Thanks again!

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