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Official iPad2 Jailbreak News Thread

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Sep 11, 2010
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iPad2 Jailbreak Status - RELEASED.
As of 6th July, the iPad2 jailbreak is officially available from jailbreakme.com.

In order to apply the jailbreak simply visit www.jailbreakme.com from the Mobile Safari Browser on your iPad2

Release Date - 6th July 2011

Cost - ZERO

iPad2 Firmware Supported - 4.3.3

Apple have moved to fix the exploit used for jailbreaking and by releasing IOS version 4.3.4, which blocks the exploit used not only for jailbreakme.com, but also to untether the other jailbreak methods on iPad1. Do not accept this new update if you want to preserve your jailbreak! You have been warned!

There is currently no way to jailbreak 4.3.4, 4.3.5 on iPad2.

SHSH Blobs
You should save your SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella, but if you have a 3G GSM or CDMA iPad2 you will only be able to use your blobs to restore your device IF you use the very latest TinyUmbrella and Apple are still signing 4.3.5 firmware. See the post here for more information - http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-hacking/24323-shsh-blobs-frequently-asked-questions-3.html#post275563

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Worthless Rumours

The following are worthless rumours regarding the iPad2 Jailbreak. Pay NO attention to them!

Elevator is NOT the codename of the iPad2 jailbreak. The "elevator" in question was the actual real life elevator in i0n1c's apartment building. The only way the jailbreak will be called ELEVATOR when it is finally released is if the developers are taking the mickey out of the community when it is released!

However, if you like a joke as much as I do, you can track the progress of iPad2's waiting for the elevat0r here - http://elevat0r.com/

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Updated following the recent teaser and hints from Comex regarding 4.3.x JB development efforts...
Updated following further teases for Comex about UI elements in development for jailbreakme.com
The scene has been quiet since the teaser. No news. This is probably good news... :)
It's "almost ready" according to Comex...
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Updated with some news relating to Chronic Dev Team via p0sixninja tweet today...
Updated the news with the following details:

28/06 - It's Been Far Too Long : Comex updated jailbreakme.com with details of his Github commits which show how work on the latest userland exploit has been progressing (with sometimes funny, but otherwise useless commit messages) since August 2010!

This update really indicates nothing about the proximity of the release. It simply lets folks see how long he has been working on JBM3.0.
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Updated with news of the leaked iPad2 4.3 WiFi only JB from today.
Post updated with the news that late on 04/07 jailbreakme.com was changed to show a yellow post-it with the message “We’ll be back soon.”, which is the same message Apple displays when it is uploading new products to the Apple Online Store. This would indicate that the release of the official jailbreak is now very close, likely within the next 24 hours…
I have updated the thread with Comex latest advice to upgrade to 4.3.3 now if you want to jailbreak imminently...
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