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Notice of UK shipment received today.


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Apr 22, 2010
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Just received an E-mail from Apple today, May 24th, stating that the iPad 64GB 3G I pre-ordered on May 10th has been shipped.

Has anyone else in the UK who pre-ordered received a notice of shipment?

Yep, received my email over the weekend (shipped on the 22nd) and the invoice this morning; all I need now is the iPad...

When did you place the order


For those above, when did you pre-order? I didn't get a mailand pre ordered when it first hit the UK apple site.

Ok, email on weekend to say iPad shipped :) checked online and had the info everyone was posted.

Email this morning containing an invoice :)

But checking my order now does not have the shipping info - Now says shipping 'Fast Ship (EMEA). and the number shown under Delivery is someone elses TNT shipping from Feb!!

Anyone else had a change like this.

O and it also now says shipping will take place when everything is available:confused:

Apple UK ordered first day of pre order..
I ordered first thing (6.30 or so) on May 10th - confirmation of shipping email was sent just after midnight Saturday; no estimated date of delivery showing up yet though - are they using TNT for iPad dels in the UK? Apple usually ship by UPS, I think.

Just spoke to a very nice person at TNT International and my Ipad is on a plane from Hong Kong as we speak, it left at 11:35 this morning but has been delayed by a day due to a national holiday over there. She thinks it will however still be here in time for delivery tommorow.
Ok friends, can someone confirm that we are not able to track our deliveries to the UK? 3 days to go and i have the jitters:D
Can track mine using the number on the Apple Store invoice in the TNT website but if your order number begins with a Z then its UPS not TNT.
In Australia I believe that my shipment and several others that I am aware of will come from Sydney Non of us have received notification of shipping only prepared. I was able to obtain inside information that in fact the ipads ordered on line on May 10 were already in Australia which makes sense as it is about a 4 day plus shipping time from China
Can track mine using the number on the Apple Store invoice in the TNT website but if your order number begins with a Z then its UPS not TNT.

Not here; my 'delivery reference number' just returns a 'consignment not found' message - do you have a link to the tracking page you're getting a positive result from?


Cotti - thanks now its working. Its still got that old order from Feb under the same number but now it also lists mine:) very little detail but at least its there.

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