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non iCloud calendar issues...


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Nov 10, 2012
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South Carolina, USA
Hi all, new to the forum and I've searched around but not found any threads on this:

1. I've been using iCal and Google Calendars on my MacBook Pro for some time now. My iCal has a Google CalDAV account. This allows me to change either my online Google Calendar or my iCal calendar and everything is synced properly (I did have to add my calendar subscriptions separately on Google Calendars and iCal to get them to both show up on each format, but that was not a big deal to me).

2. I do not use iCloud to backup any calendars, mail, or contacts (I only use it for Find My iPhone and notes backup).

3. I just got an iPad Mini and have tried to add my Google Calendars (through the default Gmail mail setup and through Google CalDAV separately at different times, not together at once). When I first open the Calendar app on the iPad Mini, it loads and looks just like my already existing Google Calendar and iCal.

4. Subsequent refreshes on the iPad Mini, however, start duplicating my Google Calendar events. Eventually, my iPad's calendar has 3 or 4 instances of several events.

5. When I go to either my Google Calendar or iCal, they both look normal without the duplicates, triplets, quatruplets, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to remedy this? I would like to rely on Google's backbone for backups and not get iCloud involved, as this would totally confuse me, not that I'm not totally confused already...
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3. I just got an iPad Mini and have tried to add my Google Calendars (through the default Gmail mail setup and through Google CalDAV separately).

I guess you have a feedback loop going on on the ipad, because you are syncing twice via Gmail and Caldav, pick one and stick to it.
Correction: I set up Gmail, got the repeat entries. Then deleted Gmail and set up Gmal CalDAV and got the repeats. I did not have them both set up at the same time. But it still acts as if I have a feedback loop.
Are you also using iTunes on the computer, and did you turn on calendar syncing in the Info tab?

If so, turn it off. That will create a loop. It will be trying to sync to both your local calendar on the computer and directly to the GMail account. The delays involved will cause duplication each time you sync the iPad.

Everything should be set to sync to the same source and by only one method per account, GMail in this case. That's best practices, at any rate.
Yes, I am using iTunes on my MacBook Pro, but I have not yet connected iTunes to my iPad Mini. Nonetheless, I will look for the Info tab (not sure where that is in iTunes), and turn off calendar syncing. Is this relevant only if I've connected my iPad to iTunes?
It won't be the problem then. It can only happen if you are syncing with iTunes either by USB or wi-fi.

The next thing is to go through your accounts on the iPad. You said you added Google Calendars via CalDAV, and you've obviously added Gmail itself by some method. Open each account and make sure that you've only go the calendars enabled for the one.

From the description you've probably already done this, but checking again is all I can think of.

Oh, and tap the Calendar button in the Calendars app. Make sure that the calendars are only showing up once, and under the Google account. Other than a possible local calendar and birthdays, they should't bee anything else there if you set up as you said.

thanks twerppoet. I guess I'll have a breakthrough on how to sync my iPad calendar one of these days. Thanks for trying...

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