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No GB's needed games


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Feb 4, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I am CLink, and I want to discuss the topic of not only how much space certain game take away from your iPad but to say I'm a general kind of way pls post your old fav sprit games. Such as pokemon, Zelda, and PAC Man.

I reciently played a game that was very complicated but yet it only took up under 2 MB's.

To my surprise it was much like pokemon but only had one area of scouting, no caves, no poke shops, and no areas to

It was the most fun game I had ever played on my iPad 2 gen 3! I ask that you bring the game/games I as well as other are posting!


Post your fav SPRIT GAMES Here-

1). Pokemon, red, blue and yellow

P.s. I played gameboy color for a long time and any and all games from gameboy are welcome here for Chat

Thanks Sincerly

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