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No attachments in Calendar


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Jul 10, 2010
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Laguna Niguel CA
I save attachments in Outlook but when I open Calendar on my iPad there's nothing. Is it being stripped out?
Outlook Attachments

My outlook is syncing through Microsoft Exchange server wirelessly. I can open PDF attachments within my email but not within the body of my Calendar.
The iPad's native calendar app has very limited functionality. If you want to get a more comprehensive set of facilities you'll probably need to get a third-party calendar app - I use Pocket Informant HD, which seems to be almost infinitely configurable. Another option is SmartPad - but I have no experience of that app.

It has a very nice user interface that's almost infinitely configurable - a complaint that many Forum members make about the iPad’s native ‘Calendar’ app. So you can choose how tasks, events, projects, appointments are colour coded and there is a wide choice of notifications and alarms - so, for example, you can have different alarm sounds for different categories of notifications.

Maybe SmartPad does this too, but Pocket Informant ‘sits on top’ of the iPad's native ‘Calendar’ app and (optionally) imports all entries that it finds there. They can be colour coded so they can be distinguished from entries made in Pocket Informant itself.

This is important because many other iPad apps use the native ‘Calendar’ app as the default place to put events, invitations etc. So, for example, if you are invited to a meeting by email and you receive that invitation in the iPad’s native ‘Mail’ app, that app can automatically (and quite cleverly) insert that invitation into the default calendar app. Without that integration between the native app and Pocket Informant, you'd have to enter those invitations all over again.

Pocket Informant has lots of ‘hidden’ features too. One of the reviewers remarked that part of the ‘fun’ of using Pocket Informant was discovering them!! The display is infinitely configurable - day, week, month, year at a time. Tasks, events, overdue tasks, projects, projects in progress etc etc all can be optionally displayed on the main calendar. Projects and tasks can have infinitely nested sub-tasks and projects - these can cleverly be integrated with GPS - so, say you needed to purchase some goods from the hardware store. Put that in a To-Do list and link it to the location of the hardware store using the iPad’s native ‘Maps’ app. Next time you’re driving past the hardware store, up pops the notification (‘Remember to purchase some 2â€x4†timber’).

Repeating events are very flexible too, with the ‘custom’ mode being infinitely (I keep using that word!) configurable. So, meetings that occur on the last Thursday and first Monday of every other month - no problem.

It can sync with external calendars - Google for example - and back-up is cool, it creates a backup file that you can email to yourself for safe keeping. If you lose your iPad or all your data is corrupted, that backup can be imported back into Pocket Informant with a single click.

You can create multiple diaries within Pocket Informant - say ‘Work’, ‘Family’, ‘Golf Club’ etc and have their entries optionally displayed on the main screen or restricted to the display of the individual diary. So it’s easy to check if there’s a clash between the golf tournament and your wife's birthday - and hide it if there is......

If you surf to the developer’s web-site, you can download for free a very comprehensive User Manual that will show you in detail what Pocket Informant can do. So you should be able to determine whether you can import PDF attachments in the way that you are proposing.

The developers are constantly updating the program - always a good sign in my view.

As I said at the beginning, perhaps I'm not a particularly demanding user, but I’ve had no stability problems at all. I should add the usual disclaimer that I have no contact or other relationship with the developers of Pocket Informant other than being a very satisfied customer.

Still, pocket informant doesn't show the attachments from the outlook events. Am I missing something?
I am using PI but I understand the their website as a $5.00 one time fee app to connect to Outlook. I haven't really gotten that far since having PI. I also Smart Pad which seems a little easier for me to use then PI but I'm giving both a shot. One has to win out over the other sooner or later.
If you want to add more functionality to the native Calendar app, you can get the $0.99 app Calendar Event Pro. It adds the ability to make custom repeat schedules and alarms to the iPad Calendar, so you don't have to use a whole separate calendar app.

Ipad app for showing attachments in Calendar

Please stick to the question! It is very clear.

NONE of the mentioned apps does show the attachments or images(screenshots) inside the 'Notes' of a calendar item from Microsoft Exchange.

Also the current Ipad release of Pocket Informant HD (v1.68) does NOT store/use the ipad native calendar data. (will change in future releases as said)

For me it seems there ain't an app that does sync/show the attachments in a calendar item from Microsoft Exchange.

Maybe Apple is helping people like me (Information Analist) a little. Because sending attachment is so... 1900! Sharing data is NOT by sending attachment. Sending links is the future! Google helps you great with this (google docs). Microsoft has to learn a lot on this, but they got the message and are working hard on a solution. For private use they have introduced Skydrive and for business user(to work beyond ther private network) you are also stuck with Skydrive for the time being.
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@ Oasenwater . There is MS SharePoint for Business to work beyond. you can see the attachment on deleted Meeting request in Trash. So find a workaround to move that to a folder using a rule r so...

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