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New user and why I didn't get a 3G model.


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Jun 16, 2010
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Wiltshire, UK

I am the proud owner of a 32 gig WiFi only iPad. Why did I not get a 64gig 3G model?

Well there is no way I could fill up 64 gig with films and music, so there is that.

The 3G model is £100 more expensive than the equivilent WiFi only model, and I can get a MiFi adaptor for £50, and the access costs are cheeper as well, so a saving of over £50 esp as I have no interest in the GPS functionality as well.

Welcome to the site:)

I bought the 64GB with 3G just incase. I know you might not use that amount of memory but at least you know you have got enough memory to play with.
Humm it doesn't take long to fill up 32gb. I know I've done it :)
8 -10 movies, photos and books plus 9gb of apps soon fill it up.

Still I too went with the 32gb wifi but thats because I already had a pay as you go mifi which works well.
I travel as well and with 6 movies all my music and a whole series of Rome, I still have 10 gig free. When I'm back at the weekends then I can change it over.

You maybbe right on the 64 gig issue in the long run, but I'm sure I'm right about the 3G and MiFi.
Considering my iTunes library is over 300gb between the movies, music, audiobooks and tv shows; I can fill mine in however long it would take me to copy a portion of it over.

However, I am sitting at 32gb full now on my 64 and most is music/Audiobooks and PDFs in GoodReader. I have about 5gb of movies on, I dont usually watch video on mine, but sometimes.
I too have a mifi (sprint) that we got for our 6 week road trip. Honestly, data wasn't that quick and price was crazy at 60 a month.

Battery life sucks. I think most I could get was 2.75hrs out of the thing. Thankfully I was always near s power source. But the fact it's another piece to carry around, another thing to turn on, and another cable to carry if the thing dies an you need to charge.. I honestly can't see the practical aspect of it

Congrats tho chap! This pad is simply amazing!
Welcome to the group I too have a 32 gb wifi and love it., and I have plenty of space. I don't store music on it because I have a iPhone and a iPod as well as the app pandora in which I can stream music for free. In addition I do not store movies because I have a Netflix account in which I can stream them for free ,there is no need to store them on iPad. Wifi is everywhere I go so I did not need the 3G and besides my husband has a verizon mifi that I could use if I ever needed to
Welcome and enjoy your stay, guess you are sucked in your cool iPad now :D
And there are apps can let u turn wifi into 3G, like MyWi Mobile Hotspot App, I read that many cheap, easy and creative options can get your iPad Wifi connected to the 3G or 4G in iFunia iPad column.
The problem with things like Mi-Fi is the battery doesn't last anywhere near as long as the iPad. I think the Verizon Mi-Fi is quoted at 4hrs for a single user connected.
my MiFi has a car adaptor, and yes whilst it's not as goos as true wifi, in the UK the speed is as good as built in 3G.

Whilst you are right about battery life, for me it's a standby, if I can't get access to wifi and at only £15 a month its good value.

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