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Mar 11, 2012
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Omaha nebraska
I have a jail broken iPad and there is a new uPdate and I wanna know if it is all that to get rid of the jailbreak or should I wait till there is a jailbreak available for 5.1
Not sure what Is new with the new 5.1 update? I'm waiting on updating until, they have a jailbreak for the new version.
We won't tell you what to do :) Only you should make that decision. Just be aware, if you update to 5.1 there is no going back to 5.0.1 on an iPad2. So you will lose your jailbreak until a new one is developed and released. That is likely to take several months based on past experience. The question for you to answer is does 5.1 and it's exclusive apps offer you more than the jailbreak?

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