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New to itunes/multiple accounts


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Mar 29, 2011
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My wife and kids have been using Ipods forever and I finally took the plunge and bought an Ipad2. I just registered it under my name, but I'm not sure that is the right thing to do, since my wife already has an account set up with a boat load of music and videos in it. I also want to be able to use my computer at home and my computer at work for itunes. Can someone explain the easiest way to do this for a new itune user? Can I delete my current account and reset the account on my Ipad to my wife's account?
What you are trying to achieve sounds somewhat complicated and I doubt it will be possible the exact way you want.

But allow me to explain what you can do.

You can set-up multiple Apple accounts on an iPad by registering them on iTunes, this is done under Store->Authorize this computer. Using this method, you can authorize up to 5 accounts.
But the iPad can only be synced with from one iTunes, this could be your home pc, work pc, or your wife's pc. In order to get all already existent music&movies on your iPad, they have to be imported into a desktop iTunes version. So if your wife's pc already has all the data, it may be easiest to reset your iPad and sync from your wife's pc. If you happen to have bought any apps on your account, you simply authorize your wife's pc with your apple ID, as described above and re-download the apps.
My wife has an Ipad, my kids have ipods .I didn't want to ne involved with their stuff at all . The Apple tech support suggested I set up another user on my desktop so its like setting it up on another computer.I set up another user on windows called "Marks Ipad" and have nothing but internet explorer and iTunes set up on it and use I it to sync y Ipad. Everything else I just log into "owner"

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