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New People Magazine iPad App is Free to Subscribers


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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The arrival of the new People iPad app in the App Store today is not just of interest to those hungry for their weekly fix of entertainment news and gossip, but also because it would appear to herald the end of the low-level dispute between Apple and various magazine publishers that has been rumbling on since the iPad was released, with People’s parent company, Time Inc, wanting to come to some sort of agreement with Apple over subscription charges, and Apple, up until this point, insisting that publishers could only charge per issue for the iPad versions of their publications.

Clearly some agreement has been reached, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that People is offering the app free to its print edition subscribers, which will be the first deal of its kind on the iPad. It’s possible that some of Time Inc’s other magazine iPad apps such as Sports Illustrated and Fortune will also now be offering free iPad app subscriptions to its print edition subscribers rather than making customers pay $5 per individual issue, which has generated a lot of bad feedback for the Sports Illustrated app in particular in the App Store.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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