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New member--question about wifi


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Jun 24, 2010
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Hi! Just bought my iPad last week. Love it, but am now on a trip to Florida and staying in a hotel with WiFi and can't connect. At first I though it was the hotel's network, but I whipped out my laptop (a PC) and could easily login. The hotel required a password to login to their WiFi.

I have fooled with every option I could find to no avail. The iPad either notifies me that I am not connected to the Internet, or tells me it is "connecting," but never does.

Any suggestions? The hotel can offer not assistance, and I'll probably be fine when I visit the next hotel or WiFi hotspot, but as a first time Apple user, I was told that Apple products were not like PC products, they didn't require a lot of tinkering under the hood to get things working. Here, it appears it is the other way around--My PC works fine, the iPad does not.

Help anyone?

if the wifi is there and unprotected you should be able to connect with no problem. sometimes after you connect, you need to open Safari and accept the terms to continue surfing. ask the desk if there is a code to enter, or if the network is open. let me know if this helps, report back and we will help you.

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