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Apr 8, 2010
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Hi all.. I purchased the iPad when it was released and was told that I had to join this forum by one of the apple employees.. He had told me that this forum should answer all my iPad related questions.. So I finally got around to joining and have so many questions!!!
Welcome! What part of NYC are you from? I lived in NYC for a few years (101st & Central Park West) and I loved it. Wonderful city.
I live in queens.. Manhattan is way too expensive for me right now!
I like Queens. A good buddy of mine lives in Bayside. My cousin also lives in Queens.

Manhattan is definitely expensive. But I was able to pull it off by sharing an old apartment with a friend. Plus I was single at the time. Not the case for me now.

I live near San Francisco which is about as expensive as Manhattan. Needless to say I can't afford it so I am stuck out in the 'burbs now. :)
Thats pretty cool that people are telling other people to come to the site. Welcome to the site:)
it's even more cool, that Apple employees do that :)

Welcome from Germany. I have been in your wonderful city a few times and I find this city amazing.

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