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NEW ITEM: caseen Retro Pink Plaid Smart Case Stand & Hand Strap for Apple iPad 2


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Nov 15, 2011
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Los Angeles
Hi iPadForums.net, Michelle Here,
This new item just came in! Introducing the Retro Pink Plaid Smart Case for Apple iPad 2 with Hand-strap. Designed with hot pink and light pink hues combined to create a cute, retro, and feminine look!

LINK:caseen Retro Pink Plaid Smart Case Cover Stand & Hand Strap for Apple iPad 2

The hand strap allows for a comfortable, improved hold while walking, lounging, or using Facetime.
The case is reinforced with stitched hot pink genuine leather details.

caseen's signature gothic letters are pressed into the corner of the front of this case. This is to ensure caseen's quality standards are met with each case.

About caseen leather cases:
caseen’s leather products are above and beyond industry standards for quality and fitment. Our leather is thicker, which makes both the case and device more durable. Sueded inserts are made to offset this thickness, to retain a lightweight feel at all times. The inserts function to keep your device’s screen from scratches.
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