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Apr 10, 2012
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I just got me an iPad 3 (or new iPad, whatever name you want to give it). I like to think I know a thing or two about computers, have a masters degree in programing and have built my own Windows based computers many times but feel pretty n00bish when it comes to apple.

I got the 32gb wifi iPad 3, NOT 4g. Dont see the point tbh. I have a perfectly good phone to use on the go (no its not an iPhone, its a Galaxy S2 which I find a 1000 times better than an iPhone) so will generally use the iPad in places where wifi is available.

What I like about the iPad, its build quality. I used many many Android pads and the iPad 2 at work (developing mobile apps) and there was simply no beating the iPad (unlike the iPhone).

What I dont like about the iPad, APPLE. Basically, in one word. I HATE the way Apple dictate what I can and can not do with my iPad. I found out (or was told, would like confirmation...) that I can NOT plug my iPad into my brothers Macbook Pro to get some of his pictures and home made video's onto my iPad without it fully sync-ing with his iPhone/iTunes/iPad. I find that, if it is true, absolutley ridiculas!!! Completely stupid and a massive security problem*

* I get his laptop, plug my iPad in and now have access to all his apps, contacts, photo's.... without needing to sign into his account or anything.

I am seriously considering jailbreaking my iPad soon, but want to keep it as it is for a while just to see if I need to or not (was on holiday at his house hence the problems with plugging it into his Mac - now I am home with my own laptop I will see if there are any major issues before jailbreaking it.

So, to round things up, I have 3 questions I will post here, need to do some forum reading before making new posts for my questions as I expect they may have already been asked :)

1. Is what my brother told me true? Can I not plug my iPad into a friends computer without it messing up the sync'ing of the accounts?
2. What is the single best benifit of jailbreaking my iPad?
3. IF I did jailbreak it could I still use iTunes and iCloud (iTunes is CRAP only want it for the app store but iCloud is great), are there other 3rd party app stores ect specific for jailbroken iPads?


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Mar 12, 2012
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First welcome to the forum. I am sure someone will point you to the new user resources here as there are many.

However for your questions, as many have been answered before so you should search the forum.
1. No it's not true. You can connect any idevices to iTunes as a guest and not sync anything.
2. Many threads on this. Check out the jailbreaking section
3. No you don't lose any functionality by jailbreaking. You can still use app store and iCloud.


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Please Note that the OP has only made one post and has not returned to this thread since April 11, 2012.

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