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New iPad user has questions...


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May 25, 2012
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I have had an iPhone for 2 years and I love it. Thought it was time to get an iPad to use when traveling - primarily for photo management and to download travel documents that I can use offline. Today I went to the Apple store and asked questions and thought I was getting a device that would meet all my needs. Now, I wonder.

Question #1 - I have read both the iPad2 User Guide with respect to photo management and I have read the threads here. I gather that the photo management tools are rather primitive but I'm shocked that there doesn't seem to be a simple drag-and-drop within a photo album. How is it possible that doesn't exist? Are there any Apps that would allow that simple maneuver? Showing photos to friends is a real PITA when photos are not grouped for easy viewing. Maybe if I load the ones out of order one at a time they will end up together?

Question #2 - I do not have a Mac, I have a PC with Windows XP. I understand that I need to go through iTunes but I'm still not clear on the best way to proceed. I usually make a hard-cover photo storybook for long-term memories using ony the best samples of places visited. Then I save the majority of other "keepers" on a DVD and put it in the back of the book. I do use a separate hard drive where I can save digital images but I find I rarely use it. But I have always had a problem with iTunes. I am a middle-aged woman and iTunes makes me crazy. I find it is not intuitive and photos management is something I have had a problem with even for the 70 or so photos I have on my iPhone...reading the instructions doesn't help given that my settings appear to be different that those of my husband's in iTunes. He had a "load photos" (or something similar button) and I do not. So, I'm at a loss. I tried to re-download iTunes and, of course it gets upgraded from time to time but nothing has changed that aspect. Does anyone know what is happening?

Question #3 - Related to Question #2, I'm wondering if I would be better off continuing to load the photos for long-term management into my PC and do the laborious work using a mouse and just use the iPad to load (using the camera connection) the best sampling of my trips (I have been taking 5-6 long trips a year so it is rather a big deal) into albums on my iPad so I can show friends and family...and then delete those albums, keeping only the most recent trips. What do you think?

Question #4 - Given that the above Photo Management descriptions, simple google searches, and Travel information downloads for use offline are my primary uses do you think I should have gotten the new iPad3? or should I just cut my loses, use this quick load, quick view aspect of my new iPad and hope that future iPad devices will provide better photo management (like drag and drop to organize photos)? I just bought the iPad today but I have already loaded nearly 1000 pictures. I didn't sync yet as I am thinking of taking it back to upgrade to the new iPad...but, on second thought, I'm thinking I should wait a year or two. In a year or two I will probably run out of money and not be traveling...alas, timing is everything. Again, given my needs, what do you think?

Question #5 - I haven't tried to download travel documents yet. Will that be easy enough to do? Any tips?

thanks so much for your advice!


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
The short answer to your several questions is that most iPad users that want better control of how their photos are stored and displayed use a third party app. Photo Manager Pro and Photo-Sort are two of the most popular, though there are many other; some specialized for specific uses such as travel logs, journals, etc.

Almost all these apps create a photo library separate from the Photos app's library; though you can copy photos back and forth between.

I can't really recommend any of them, as my need for photo albums on the iPad is fairly limited.. If you search the forum (using the Custom Google Search at the top of the website) you'll find many threads discussing photo management and their merits, problems.

Another option is to use one of the online photo services to store your photos. Pretty much all the main sites have decent apps to upload, download, and view photos and albums.

Good luck.

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