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Nov 13, 2012
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I just wanted to introduce myself on this forum. I was given an iPad 3, 32GB this past weekend as a gift. I've never had one before and am wondering if it will be useful or practical in anyway so I'm anxious to learn about it's capabilities. I've never been a huge Apple fan but I have always kept an open mind. I do have an Ipod nano (1st Gen), Ipod nano (3rd Gen), Ipod Touch (3rd Gen), and now this Ipad 3. Although I've owened them, the first two were basically used as music players and nothing more. The Touch was also used as only a music player and a work out tracker as well. I just never got into using it a whole lot. It seemed more like a toy that would be used for music and games more than anything. I've clearly underestimated the capabilities but have no idea what practical uses I could get from the touch or the Ipad. That is why I'm here, to learn about those things. I've already read a few articles that were referred by posts on this site that talked about apps that I would find very useful. I'm looking forward to finding more. At the very least, it will be a great source for learning apps and games for my 3 month old as he grows. My wife is a teacher, so I'm sure she can also find uses for it. I hope to learn a lot.

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