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New iPad Owner Here


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Apr 15, 2010
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Hey everyone,

Just picked up my iPad today and am very excited about using it and learning more about it here at these forums.

Thanks :D
Welcome to the forum. I wonder what's the most purchased version of the ipad here on the Forum?
I ended up with the 32gb model. I went in the store to get the 16gb, but they didn't have any in stock.

I'm glad I ended up with the 32 -- better value I think.
Welcome aboard, congrats on your purchase! That's the same model I have and so far no regrets!
The 32 is a nice size, I still have 21g free space. I have been conservative on loading all of my photo's. I am putting them on Mobile Me so I will still be able to access them on my Ipad and not take up a bunch of space. You will enjoy
Welcome, I sure do like it and think you wil also.

I got the 64GB and think I am being a little crazy with loading it up with Data. I might have been a little smarter about it with the 32GB model.

I am putting them on Mobile Me so I will still be able to access them on my Ipad and not take up a bunch of space. You will enjoy

I'm going for the 32GB as well. Photos will go on MobileMe, files on Uploadingit.com (20GB free space).

Actually I have done a Tables-spreadsheet to calculate my data.

Apps: 2 GB
Business-Data: 2 GB
Documents: 1 GB
Music/Movies: 15 GB
iPhoto: 5 GB
Total: 25 GB
You know those "I'm a PC" commercials from Microsoft? The ones where the person says "Windows 7 was my idea?" Well, I think Apple should do a spoof of it with the iPad and say "Yeah, Apple iPad, that was my dream come true." Or something like that because ever since the iPod came out I've been hoping they would come out with something like this and now my wait is over! :)
+10 for IPadfans comment. Both my wife and I were deliberating on a device for more than a year. We considered net books, macbook, etc.. but partly because of cost, and for ease of use, we never could decide.

When the IPad was finally confirmed, we knew this was it! We ordered 2 64GB wifi's at 5:06am on the pre-order launch, and have been ecstatic with them ever since they arrived.

That's why I got the 64GB. 16GB would already be toast.....That's not even a quarter of my mp3s...I haven't added them all because I have a Droid and iPod Touch...so music is the lowest priority.


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