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New From Texas


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Apr 16, 2010
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HI, from San Antonio here. Never really been an apple person, all my computers are PCs. My cell phone is an IPhone 3GS. I've had my IPad 3G with 64 GB preordered for several weeks. Wish we'd get a delivery date soon. If Apple delays it, they may lose a sale and I'll just go for a super duper PC laptop with the I7 chip instead. Keep your promises Apple!!!

Welcome from a fellow Texan! You wll find several Texans here, and even a few neighbors. I bet yours ships in the next two weeks, so get ready....

I am a PC guy as well. I tried a Mac some years ago, and they are not for me. I do have an iPhone 3G and an old iPod. After two weeks I am crazy about the iPad. But, understand it is not a laptop. For me it is better. I already sold my Sony ereader, and my Nintendo DS Lite. The iPad is a much better reader and portable gaming device for me. I only keep my netbook because i use it to sync my iPad, wife's iPad, and my iPhone.

Anyway, welcome and hope good news comes to you soon!
Welcome to the site, hope to see you around!!:) (read the rules)
Welcome from 100 miles north in Austin :)

I know it's tough to wait, but trust me.. it's worth it! I'm very impressed with the iPad and every day I tell myself what a cool device it is..

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