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New From California


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Nov 27, 2010
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Central California
Hello all, just ordered a 32 gig / g3 from the apple store for my Christmas present. Wife told me to get what I wanted. Looks like it is suppose to arrive this week thursday. Pretty excited at getting the new toy. Now I am researching the " Basic need to have apps" that I need to install as soon as I get.
Welcome from Switzerland!

You have to have GoodReader. It's like My Documents for iPad almost. Or something like Readdle is also good.

Exploring all the apps out there is part of the fun!
Welcome! You must be very excited!

Oh yea, am very excited, was reading in a post were someone else was getting for Christmas but was being made to wait until christmas to open and use, I will get the Fedex and wrap a empty box...lol
Thanks numblock, will look at it. Need a good reader.
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Depending on your interests and such, but here are a few of my "must-have apps"

-iTeleport (Control my imac right from my ipad over wifi)
-iCam (view the cam on my imac on my ipad, fun to spy on my dog when im not home)
-Pages (Word processing)
-Dragon dictation (Speech-to-text)
-The Creeps (insanely addicting and fun game)

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