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New faster 12W power adapter added in the Apple online store


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Jul 27, 2011
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As reported by 9to5mac, Apple released a new MegSafe 2 power adapter and a 12W power adapter. Even if these accessories weren’t the focus of the launch show, they have already been added to the Apple online store, with shipping times fluctuating between 1 and 3 business days.

So what’s the deal with this 12W power adapter, some of you might be wondering. Apple has confirmed on its official page that the new adapter will enable users to charge their iPads, iPhones or iPods faster and more reliable than with the 10W adapter. However, the adapter is included only with the new iPad mini and the latest version of the iPad. Apple stated that the accessory will charge via a Lightning connector the iPhone 4S/5, the fifth generation iPod touch and seventh-gen iPod nano. Only the original iPad model is taken out of the equation. However, when asked how much the 12W adapters will improve the charging process, Apple replied:

“We don’t have an exact percentage of how much faster it would charge but you should see an increase in speed.â€

The new faster adapter will surely be a useful addition especially to the Retina Display iPad, which is known to take a considerable amount of time to load due to its massive battery life of 42.5 watt hours.

By Radu

Source - Apple confirms that 12W adapter will charge iPads quicker than older 10W adapters | 9to5Mac


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Aug 15, 2012
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Nice I might just get this to see how much faster this will charge my iP3.

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