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New cool game


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Dec 20, 2010
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Do not YOU survive! Let your guns make THEM try to survive!

Bloody capitalists should have fallen and given up! In the depths of military labs in fearful and terrifying USSR separated by the Iron Curtain the lethal weapons was developed to serve as a guarantee for the Global Revolution's victory! And that was not Arnold Schwarzenegger! That was the return of our friend, the robot 'Red October'

Thirst for activity and fevered imagination of Soviet scientists created not only hydrogen bomb, samovar, vodka and balalaika! The limits of imagination were expanded by Communist Party ideology to once again making the greatest battle machine of today... and leaving it forsaken in the closet of the research institute's janitor - uncle Volodya. Firstly, uncle Volodya adjusted the bellicose robot as a moonshine distiller, but the robot drank everything himself. Therefore uncle Volodya was so much upset and fierce with the world around. Especially, with mechanical rats that survived the first wave of Red Storm and invaded institute's warehouse. That is where all sanitary skills of the robot would come handy! Here begins your progress in the game...

Commanding advanced war machine your task is to save uncle Volodya's closet from the tyranny of mechanical mutants. As usual, soviet propaganda in all the sins blamed the capitalists, CIA and aliens. That's why we do not see the true story in the game - even not a single word about uncle Volodya.

So, walking tall on his sturdy steel legs the robot is easy to be commanded by touchscreen. Taking in account numerous hordes of angry monsters you'll definitely have to run around pretty much avoiding their bullets. The guarantee for your robot's survival in combat - active movement, frequent changes of fire positions and redeployments. In Red Storm SURVIVAL you do not need to go deep into complicated strategic considerations - it is enough to pour fire from your robot's three hands sharply and quickly. Just keep in mind the HP level of your mech sanitary specialist before you get right into hell of cleaning out the next room...

The longer you manage to avoid being hit by rats bullets the less you spend for revivals and sooner you afford cool smashing gun or cannon or even both of them at once! That's where SURVIVAL starts for your enemies!
Shooting is as simple as pointing your targets with your finger. As the enemies are quite fidgety you'll have to exert your keen hand and sharp eyes - especially to take down some flying monsters. Here you'll train skills in aiming and shooting moving targets that will be helpful for your eye-hand coordination.

The skills gained for 6 missions of first Campaign and also enormous (40+ locations) second Campaign will come handy in 'Survival mode' - bloody, guts splattering mash, mincer for mech details and spare parts, fierce battle of no fear or regret. (We would recommend taking away small kids and pregnant women from watching that climax of gaming fury).


Some rooms are closed with keys of different colours. You get those keys in battles - often in some distant locations. Within 1 mission you'll have several objectives (for example, to destroy enemy's Command Point). Use the map (bottom right screen corner) to see intelligence info and allocate yourself.

During fierce combats bullets and grenades hit boxes and crates scattered around the rooms. That research trash gives you good chances to find either a health pack for robot or some upgrade points. BTW, you get some experience points for blowing them up as well as some good shooting practice.

In Shops keep into account figures (in brackets) in weapons names - they show level when they can be quipped. Descriptions of weapons are clear enough and you can see/buy in advance the weapon for your next level.

Happy shopping and happy shooting!!!

We recommend playing the game:
- to those heroes overcome all the trials of Red Storm I
- to fans of clean and rat-free closets, warehouse and other rooms
- to office boys and girls that have 10-15 minute break (and no solitaire, please)

Our remarks:
- shopping function is not easy to manage. You have to drag the item several times from inventory to shop to sell anything

Our rating: 8,0/10

The game is available at AppStore.
The game - Red Storm for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

The game 'Red Storm SURVIVAL' was developed by Vadim Starygin (Elite-Games.net)

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