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New 64GB iPad owner from Utah


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Jul 22, 2010
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Hey all. I just found this forum and had to join. I got my new 64mb iPad last week and am loving it. I also got the keyboard dock for it, as two of the reasons I got it were for Internet surfing and supporting my writing habit.

I didn't get the 3G version because just about everywhere I plan to use it, I will have wifi, and where I don't, I will just use my iPhone instead. I don't really need another service bill, when I'm already paying for my iPhone. I may regret this decision later, but for now I'm content with having spent the extra money on more memory, rather than 3G.

So far I am totally amazed by this device. The resolution and portability make it exactly what I wanted. I've been a PC fan for many years, but love Apple engineering--maybe my iPad will finally convert me. ;)

Glad to be aboard!


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