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Need help with yahoo contacts


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Jan 10, 2012
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Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! I have two issues I cannot figure out, and after googling them both, I am only more confused.

1. I have a yahoo mail account. When I am on my regular pc, I am able to group a bunch of contacts together and call them by a name. For example, I do animal rescue. I crosspost/forward many animals in need. Therefore I have created a "local rescue" group under my yahoo contacts that encompasses about 20 or so email addresses (vs tapping 20 email addresses every time I want to forward an email). On the ipad, under my contacts in yahoo, "local rescue" is not listed. In fact, no groups are listed--only individual emails. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? How can I get those "email groups" on my ipad?

2. Under settings, mail/contacts/calendars-under contacts my info--it has one of my contacts listed, not me. How do I delete and/or change that?

Thanks so much--I am beyond frustrated!



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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
1. Currently only the iCloud account (and the few MobileMe accounts left) have the ability to sync groups. You are doing nothing wrong, you just can't do it.

2. Just tap on then name. It should pull up a list of contacts for you to choose from. I don't know of any way to delete it, though you could probably create a blank contact and choose that.

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