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Need help with apps


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Jun 20, 2011
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I'm not a computer person so I'm really lost. I tried to download 3d wallpaper pro app. It said I had to download on computer. I now have it on home computer itunes but can not get it to sync to ipad. I also have downloaded dropbox but have no idea how to use that to move it either. Can anyone explain how to move to ipad in terms that a computer "dummy" can understand?
I'll chime in on Dropbox. When you install Dropbox on your computer(s) and iPad, the folders automatically sync (by default) so there's no need to move anything. You can also upload and download items from the Dropbox website.
I have dropbox on both home computer and ipad but can't find the apps in them
You don't use dropbox to install apps, you use iTunes. Is the app you downloaded currently in iTunes on your pc? Then connect your iPad to your pc and select it under devices in iTunes and then the apps tab along the top and make sure the app you want is ticked, hit apply then it should sync.
I'm getting closer but the app is showing on itunes on home but when I click under devices it's not listed.
When connected to iTunes, the iPad will appear in the list on the left. Click there to see the options for the iPad.

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