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Need help choosing a iPad 2 slim folio case!


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Feb 27, 2011
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Portland, OR
Hello, I've narrowed down my iPad 2 case to a slim multi-angle folio style case however there are several that all look very similar.

Please let me know if you have or looked at any of these questions or if you choose have a comment.

The first 4 are leather(or leatherlike)

Toblino 2 http://tiny.cc/9bu09

AYL 5-in-1 Slim Leather Case Folio http://tiny.cc/h82zj

Acase iPad 2 Premium Slim Leather Case Folio Amazon.com: Acase iPad 2 High Quality Premium Slim Leather Case Folio with built-in Stand for Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation - 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, WiFi and WiFi +3G (Black): Electronics

Targus VuScape Amazon.com: Targus VuScape Protective Cover/Stand for Apple iPad 2 - 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, WiFi and WiFi + 3G THZ044US (Black/Blue Interior): Electronics

The next 2 are some sort of canvas type material

STM Skinny Case for iPad2 Amazon.com: STM Skinny Case for iPad2 (dp-2189-01): Electronics

Switcheasy Canvas for iPad 2 CANVAS for iPad 2 - SwitchEasy


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